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CTDI Glenrothes Office, UK

Techbuyer refurbished – the gift that keeps on giving

“More and more companies are seeing the huge improvements brought about by IT. There are obviously huge benefits with every new development, but there is also a huge cost when buying new. Refurbished equipment allows us to reduce that cost and still capitalise on the benefits.”

Sam Turnbull, UK IT Infrastructure Technician, CTDI Glenrothes office


55% using refurbished solution


Advanced manufacturer tech support allowing remote access to servers


Techbuyer three-year warranty on all parts


CTDI are a global engineering, repair and logistics company providing solutions to the communications industry. On the corporate side, the business carries out batch repairs for big companies like Virgin media. An example of the consumer offering is a laptop repairs service for retail chain John Lewis.

The company’s IT requirements were servers, switches and cabling. At the time of sale, it was running 50 servers and 50 virtual servers, with a near term plan to centralise these in the European head office located in Germany. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was localised, with a need for networking, switches and firewalls. There were two concurrent systems for this, an HP legacy system reaching end of life and a Cisco system, to which the company was transitioning.

The Challenge

The company was running its DMZ externally, at a cost of around £14,000 a year. CTDI wanted to purchase servers for this and install them in the German head office. It needed the security of a warranty and maintenance contract to provide technical support and remote access. At a local level, CTDI needed maintenance on the HP LAN system and an upgrade to the Cisco system

However, parts for the HP system were no longer available from the supplier, meaning that the company was potentially going to have to replace the whole system. The long-term aim was to transition to an all Cisco system, however prices on new switches were not viable at the time. For the servers, the company would not see a return on investment for two years if buying new.

Techbuyer's Solution

Techbuyer suggested two options for the servers. The first was factory sealed Gen9 DL360s, at a cost of £24,052. The second option was six refurbished Gen 9 DL360s with new drives and 16GB-128GB of RAM at £18,965. Saving £500 on the DMZ in the first year and £12,000 - £13,000 in subsequent years, with Techbuyer’s standard three-year warranty, this was the preferred choice for CTDI. Techbuyer also sourced a HP support contract with remote access capacity when the operating system was down.

For the LAN, Techbuyer sourced third party SFPs from Ortial, which had no conflict with the HP system. This saved 40% on the branded alternative and allowed CTDI to sweat the asset. Our refurbished Cisco switches offered a saving of 85%, with the peace of mind of the Techbuyer three-year warranty.

Techbuyer's Winning Criteria:

Bespoke hybrid refurbished and third-party solution

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Single point of contact

An understanding of the client’s business and needs

Quick turnaround

Fast Delivery

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