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Saving on ICT Expenses – University Business

Charlie Collett, Content Writer May 02, 2019

Techbuyer’s Rich Kenny, IT Security Manager, was approached by University Business to share his knowledge on IT solutions and trends in Higher Education. University Business is the leading B2B publication in the UK Higher Education sector, bringing the latest news via the monthly magazine, website and newsletter. Techbuyer’s article was part of a roundtable feature where six industry experts answered questions about affordable and digitally advanced ICT in universities.

Article Summary

  • Rich explains that IT managers need to keep abreast of the best security solutions, education and segmentation to protect all parts of the university IT system. This is especially important as more students may bring smart electronics such as electronics into their halls of residence.
  • Universities are under pressure to keep IT costs low. One approach is to buy third-party or refurbished components where possible. A 2017 report called ‘How to Avoid The Biggest Rip Off in Networking’ pointed out that significant savings can be made using non-branded versions of transceivers, which have out-the-door prices typically 80–90% lower than list prices from major manufacturers.
  • Universities are expected to meet multiple demands with a restricted budget. Rich explains that one way around this is to carry out a rolling upgrade process over three or four years. This spreads the cost out in a more reliable way and means you can strip the equipment down to component parts, only buying the parts you actually need.


Read the full article on the University Business website here.

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