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Partnering Industry-Leading Data Centre Research: Techbuyer and CEDaCI

Charlie Collett, Content Marketing Coordinator Apr 09, 2021

We’re very excited to join a ground-breaking data centre research project as an official partner! The project is led by Circular Economy in the Data Centre Industry (CEDaCI), who are making the IT sector more circular by bringing together academics and experts from across Europe. It's one of the most ambitious research projects undertaken in our industry.

The news was shared by the Data Centre Alliance (DCA), which shares the latest news in the sector, and by local press including the Yorkshire Times.

News summary:

  • The Interreg funded project is great news for the data centre sector as it is helping to make circular, cost-effective technology more accessible. “It’s clear that the demand for circular IT is there, and so research that increases this access is key,” says Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Lead at Techbuyer.
  • CEDaCI's next project – the Capitalisation Initiative – will expand into Belguim, Luxembourg and Ireland when it launches in April 2022.
  • Techbuyer has been sharing knowledge of server refurbishment, configuration and repair, and providing IT hardware for lab analysis for CEDaCI over the past year. The team are very excited to be joining as a full partner.

Read the full story here.

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