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Laptops Donated to Sheffield School Through Thermac and Techbuyer

Charlie Collett, Content Marketing Coordinator Mar 17, 2021

Yorkshire based Hazardous Safety Equipment supplier, Thermac Hire donated a large amount of quality laptops to Athelstan Primary School in Sheffield this month.

The donation has come at a critical time, with many schools still struggling to source IT equipment. During the pandemic, an estimated 1.5 million young students across the UK have had limited access to suitable devices, with some relying on parents’ mobile phones for schoolwork.

Seán Doyle, Thermac Hire’s Managing Director commented: “A proportion of our staff began remote working in 2020, which meant we needed to re-equip many of our teams with portable laptops.”

“Our IT team did an amazing job rolling out this new IT hardware, whilst also assembling and cataloguing all our recovered units. I’m delighted that Thermac has been able to make a significant donation to help school children across the UK.”

Donating technology securely

Thermac approached Techbuyer for their secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. The specialist team collected, data sanitised, refurbished and tested Thermac’s donated IT equipment to ensure every device provides the best performance possible.

“We chose to partner with Techbuyer as they ensure that IT equipment has a ‘second life’,” Seán continued. “This will help children, families and schools to learn and work as usual during these incredibly challenging times.”

When donating technology, it’s important to choose a quality ITAD service that will protect your data at every stage of the process. As one of the few ADISA accredited companies in the UK, Techbuyer guarantees the highest level of security, providing peace of mind for Thermac whose data will never fall into the wrong hands, as well as Athelstan Primary School in terms of GDPR compliance.

A thank you

Techbuyer ITAD’s Business Development Manager, Tom Scott commented: “My initial phone call with Thermac was heart-warming and brilliant. They said they wanted to donate to children in desperate need of IT equipment in order to aid their education during the pandemic.”

“We cannot thank Seán and Thermac enough for this generous donation. A cherry on top of the cake was being able to donate to my children’s school in Sheffield, who were in desperate need of IT equipment. We’re hopeful that more Techbuyer clients who have the ability to donate IT devices to schools get in touch and donate as much or as little as they can.”

Techbuyer and Thermac were also over the moon to receive handwritten thank you letters from pupils at Athelstan Primary School. One letter reads: "Thank you Mr Scott for donating the laptops that will help us in the long run, there are over 600 of us and a lot of us like me didn't have (a laptop). The laptops have been used for time table rock star, google classrooms, hit the button. My favourite game is time table rock stars for a computer lesson."

Thermac work extensively in the Construction and Demolition industry, providing hazardous safety equipment to companies in often challenging working environments.

Techbuyer provides cost-effective new and refurbished IT equipment to thousands of organisations worldwide. We also extend the life of IT equipment by refurbishing, upgrading, or repairing it.

The secure and efficient way to donate your technology to schools

As an ADISA accredited company, Techbuyer ITAD recently joined the Digital Access For All (DAFA) program. This distributes donated IT equipment from businesses to schools and students across the UK. Thanks to the high security standards of these ITAD companies, every device is data erased, refurbished and tested, ensuring schools only receive the highest quality of IT equipment.

Digital Access For All (DAFA) is looking for more IT donations from businesses. To help, please visit the ADISA site.

Or to access technology for your school, let ADISA know what IT equipment you need.