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Upgrade Your Laptops and Desktops with Techbuyer’s Refresh Service

Dora Abazi - Marketing Coordinator Aug 27, 2020

Introducing Techbuyer’s Laptop Refresh Service! A tool for those who want to maximise their IT budgets while also benefitting from fast and performing devices. We had a chat with our IT Infrastructure Manager James Lord – here’s what he told us.

Upgrading existing laptops and desktops

“We started this new service after observing the typical behaviour of most companies and organisations,” says James Lord, IT Infrastructure Manager. “Every 2 to 3 years they replace their devices and as a result their IT budgets deplete faster than necessary. At Techbuyer we say refresh rather than replace! Refreshing your laptops and desktops means operating component level upgrades. This is the best way to extend the life of your devices, increase performance and save money.”

How does the service work?

“Our IT specialists replace your SSD and RAM with brand new components. This will unlock the full potential of existing laptops and desktops. It’s a cost-effective and efficient alternative to replacing your devices every few years.”

The Laptop Refresh service can be entirely tailored to your needs. You can simply refresh, speed up your device and keep all the existing data. You can also opt for a destructive refresh which will erase all your data. A third option is asking for your devices to be configured according to your specific preferences.

“If you are worried about performance, we can assure that it will always increase when replacing components, so much so that your device will run at a higher speed than when you initially purchased it.”

Why choose the Laptop Refresh Service?

“Techbuyer provides component level 3 year warranties, which ensure extra peace of mind," James continues. "Also, we take care of it all! As a refurbishment specialist, we solve every part of your IT journey. Once you have upgraded components with us, we can buy your used IT equipment and generate a cash return. When you are finished with your current laptops and desktops, we can also buy this IT hardware back and provide new or refurbished IT solutions for your business.”

This product lifecycle where products are refreshed, reused and recycled ensures a sustainable IT chain for your business, and contributes towards positive CSR practices. E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, with over 50 million tonnes of mostly useable goods sent to landfill every year. Circular businesses like Techbuyer ensure technology is reused wherever possible, and that the environmental impact of the IT industry is minimised.



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