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Employees Donate a ‘UK First’ to Hospital – Harrogate Advertiser

Hayley Atkinson, Marketing Coordinator Jun 24, 2019

Nine Techbuyer employees (James Carlisle, Emi Gajowski, Chris Moore, Alex Attack, Hayley Atkinson, Grace Stanford, Rob Everall, Ellie Puddephatt and Joe McCabe) took part in the It’s a Knockout Challenge raising money for Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity. Local newspaper, the Harrogate Advertiser picked up the story and published the news in the 20th June 2019 paper. You can read more about the event and our donation in our blog post here.

Article Summary

  • Harrogate Hospital has become the first hospital in the UK to receive state-of-the-art infrared thermometers after Techbuyer employees raised money to buy them.
  • Nine members of staff raised £800 by taking part in the Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity It’s a Knockout event which they donated to the paediatric ward.
  • The new thermometers enable nurses to scan a patient’s temperature without making contact with them. They are more hygienic and produce more consistent results.

You can find the feature on page 64 of this weeks Harrogate Advertiser.


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