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Why Best Practice Means Pulling IT Equipment Apart – Techbuyer CEO in DCM Magazine

Charlie Collett, Content Marketing Coordinator Apr 19, 2021

Techbuyer’s CEO, Kevin Towers recently featured in the spring edition of the Data Centre Management (DCM) magazine. In this article, Kevin explores the latest data centre efficiency research and explains why making best use of existing resources is often the best strategy for today’s data centres.

Key messages:

  • Designing efficient data centres requires creativity and an evolved procurement strategy.
  • Pioneering research between University of East London and Techbuyer revealed that refurbished servers perform as well as new. Not only that, but a properly configured past generation can outperform the basic version of the new equivalent. This means if you want to increase performance, you can just upgrade the key components (rather than the entire server).
  • The key to choosing when to buy refurbished and when to buy new in data centres is to understand and address what is needed in IT hardware, then designing appropriate systems.

The DCM magazine shares news from today’s leading IT professionals including the latest IT infrastructure strategies, management case studies and security. Read the full article here.

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