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What is the Circular Economy, and How Are We Seeing a Shift to This Model? - Intelligence Data Centres

Charlie Collett Mar 25, 2020

Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Lead at Techbuyer was featured in the Intelligence Data Centres magazine earlier this month. Here she answered the editor’s questions: “What is the Circular Economy?” and “How are we seeing a shift to this model?” in relation to Techbuyer and the IT industry. Below is a summary of this article:

  • “The Circular Economy is about keeping materials in use for as long as possible to get more from our assets”, says Astrid. “It is vital to transition to a Circular Economy because humanity is currently spending more than it can afford when it comes to the planet.”
  • “Current sources for the materials that make up data centres are predicted to run out within a couple of generations, and there is now talk of turning to the seabed as an alternative.” Astrid suggests that reusing existing IT components is a better solution.
  • Astrid explains that Techbuyer’s expansion and development is a testament to the market demand for the reuse approach; more and more businesses are choosing refurbished data centre equipment over new.

You can view the full article here (pg. 30).

Techbuyer is a keen advoate of the secondary market and supporter the Circular Economy. Astrid Wynne, our Sustainability Lead regularly contributes to industry leading publications and research about sustainability within data centres, and refurbishing and reusing IT wherever possible is at the heart of Techbuyer’s operations. To find out more about our sustainable writing, visit our blogs page. You can also find out more about our refurbishment process here.


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