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Global IT Company creates redundant IT hardware bike for the UCI Championships – The DCA

Charlie Collett, Content Writer Sep 26, 2019

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) is an association comprising of leaders and experts within the data centre industry which provides information about the best data centre practices, services and trends for businesses. Techbuyer regularly writes articles for the DCA and attends their events, including the Re-Transformation 2019 event earlier this month where our Sustainability Manager discussed IT equipment and the circular economy on a panel. The DCA shared our UCI IT bike hardware news in an article which was published on 20th September.


Article summary:

· Techbuyer is welcoming the UCI Road World Cycling Championships to Harrogate this month with its unique bike sculpture, which is made from almost 1000 redundant IT parts.

· The project also celebrates the value of used IT hardware.

· Techbuyer is committed to providing greener IT solutions and has contributed to a number of sustainable projects, including the WindCORES pilot project where Techbuyer provided sustainable IT equipment for a data centre built within a wind turbine.

You can read the article in full here.

The UCI race has begun in Yorkshire with an estimated 250 million people expected to watch the championships on TV from 21st to 29th September. We are proud to be a global company founded in Harrogate and are making the most of the festivities in our local community this week!




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