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Techbuyer Joins the Telegraph Great British Business Campaign

Helen Blakey, Digital Marketing Manager Apr 11, 2018

Techbuyer went live on the Telegraph Business website recently with a documentary spotlighting the benefits of refurbished IT equipment. The film is part of the Great British Business Campaign that will be featured on various television and media outlets later this year. The campaign, which showcases the best of British small, medium and growing businesses, shows how creativity, drive and innovation are helping the country stay competitive in a fast changing world. The aim is to drive discussion of business topics amongst C level executives on how Britain needs to adapt to the challenges of a changing landscape.

The motor of the British economy

The Great British Business Campaign is unusual because it focuses on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are traditionally under-represented in the media despite making up over 99% of the private sector and being responsible for 60% of private sector employment in the UK. The approach these organisations take in the face of change will have a huge effect on our national economy. Billed as one of “Britain’s most exciting growing businesses”, Techbuyer entered a film that featured alongside other disruptive and innovative technology providers that are fast growing in the SME market.

Shared values

Companies featured in the campaign are a mix of old and new across a variety of sectors from online betting to furniture design. Despite this, there were a number of themes that came out very strongly. Many films stressed the importance of real world businesses in the digital age, adapting shops to serve changing needs and offering a friendly service that encourages repeat custom. Marrying technology with a very human approach to better suit customer needs is something we have always believed in at Techbuyer. Environmental responsibility was stressed too whether in the form of biodegradable plastics, avoiding fatburgs or preserving fishing stocks. This fitted in well with the issues discussed in the Techbuyer film.

Techbuyer: a sustainable business model

Techbuyer’s model of buying, remanufacture and selling quality servers, storage and networking equipment gives customers a sustainable option when it comes to IT refresh. Saving a large amount of money without compromising on performance also helps wider society with a change of mindset. Instead of equipments ending up in landfill, Techbuyer and its business partners extend the life of products, making society use fewer raw materials. It is a great solution in a world where technology is evolving fast.

Click here to view the Techbuyer film on the Telegraph website, and find out more about the Great British Business Campaign.

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