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Techbuyer’s Circular Solutions for Enterprise IT – Engage Victoria

Charlie Collett, Content Writer Aug 01, 2019

At Techbuyer, circular approaches are at the core of our business. This is why our Australian team were eager to contribute to Engage Victoria’s ‘Your Circular Story’ feature. For this feature, local businesses have shared stories about environmentally friendly processes in Victoria which reduce waste, enable more efficient use of materials, and contribute to economic growth. Engage Victoria is a website run by the Victorian Government, enabling the local community to collaborate and discuss ways to improve the local area.


Article summary:

- Simon explains that although data centre equipment can be useful for around 10 to 15 years, many businesses throw theirs away after two to four years. This throwaway culture is something that Techbuyer is determined to change.

- Refurbishing redundant or used IT hardware into high quality equipment ensures that materials are reused rather than disposed of, which ensures valuable resources are used for as long as possible.

- A circular approach has aided the global expansion of Techbuyer, with 150 employees across seven locations, including a site in South Geelong, Victoria, where we plan to create new jobs and stimulate local growth.


Read the full submission on the Engage Victoria website here.


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