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Bike made from recycled computer parts – The Northern Echo

Hayley Atkinson, Marketing Coordinator Sep 23, 2019

The Northern Echo, a publication covering the latest news, sport, business and leisure in the North-East, has published our exciting UCI news. The article, published on the 19th of September 2019, discusses Techbuyer’s IT bike sculpture which was created to welcome the UCI Road World Cycling Championships to Harrogate until the 29th of September.


Article summary:

  • The bike is made from almost 1,000 redundant IT parts and weighs an impressive 60kg.
  • Astrid Wynne, Sustainability manager at Techbuyer explains that “The bike is a really creative way to show the value of reuse and demonstrate why redundant IT equipment should not be thrown away.”
  • The bike quickly drew a crowd when Techbuyer employees took the sculpture to see the Yorkshire sights, and will be seen alongside the races once the Championships begin.


You can read The Northern Echo’s full article here.


If you’re one of the millions visiting Harrogate next week or one of the 250 million more who will be watching the UCI on TV, make sure you keep an eye out for our bike made out of IT parts in the crowds!

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