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Does Tech in Schools Always Need to be New? – Education Technology

Charlie Collett, Content Writer Oct 16, 2019

Recently our Sustainability Manager, Astrid Wynne was asked to discuss how schools and universities can benefit from the secondary market and better utilise redundant IT equipment. As ‘the trusted voice of ICT in Education’, Education Technology is a leading magazine that publishes the latest edtech news and information across the entire education sector. Astrid Wynne’s article was published on 14th October 2019 as part of a roundtable series.

Article summary:

  • Astrid explains that selling redundant equipment to an accredited company like Techbuyer will generate a cash return that can then be used to buy new or refurbished spares and upgrades. This ensures older IT equipment can be refurbished and reused rather than thrown away before its end of life.
  • The latest generation of tech is not necessarily the most effective for every organisation. Many recent performance gains in hardware come from increasing capacity on memory or storage rather than improvements in the processors themselves.
  • Existing and redundant IT equipment is a great training ground for developing a knowledge of IT hardware, which would be a great way to narrow the skills gap when it comes to infrastructure technicians.

Read the full article on the Education Technology website here.


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