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Sustained Success Story: Yorkshire Post

Charlie Collett, Content Writer Nov 29, 2019

John Grainger at the Yorkshire Post, the ‘Business Magazine for Yorkshire’, interviewed Kevin Towers, Techbuyer CEO and Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Manager earlier this month. The ‘Sustained Success Story’ feature outlines the major global challenge of e-waste and how Techbuyer’s business model is helping to prevent useful technology going to landfill. The article featured in the November – December 2019 edition of the Yorkshire Vision magazine which comes as a free pull-out with The Yorkshire Post.

Article summary:

  • “We’re using the earth’s resources far faster than the earth can replenish them,” states Kevin Towers, founder of Techbuyer. 50 million tonnes of e-waste are created every year, and the 2 to 4 year refresh rate of IT equipment means that useful hardware is regularly going to waste.
  • “You’ve got a waste stream which is growing, with no new supply,” Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Manager explains. “Servers have plastics, steel and aluminium in them, which are in the top five worst offenders for greenhouse as emissions worldwide, together responsible for over 30% of total emissions. We need to slow down our use of new, which should therefore slow down our output of old.”
  • According to the PACE/UN report, the annual value of global e-waste is over $62.5 billion, but less than 20% of this is recycled. This demonstrates the huge potential of used technology which is not being realised.
  • 80% of Techbuyer’s annual turnover comes from sales of reused technology, which helps to divert huge volumes of electronic waste from landfill. This is an innovative way to tackle a major global problem.


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