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Expanding Business Potential with Techbuyer’s New Software Platform: IT Reseller

Charlie Collett, Content Writer Jul 18, 2019

In light of our recent business expansion into New Zealand and Australia, Techbuyer has implemented a database platform which will aid the company’s growth over the next coming years. IT Reseller is an industry-leading IT channel which provides the latest IT news, product information, reports and opinion articles, often discussing technology, security and Cloud computing. You can read IT Reseller’s full article about the Techbuyer and Audacia collaboration here.

Article summary:

  • The six-month systems upgrade was led by Audacia – a Leeds-based software developer which specialises in creating problem-solving technology for complex mission-critical projects.
  • The bespoke software platform reduces downtime, improves reporting, resilience and sales management and provides enriched product data. This will help Techbuyer to attract customers across the Asia Pacific. 
  • Techbuyer’s IT security manager, Rich Kenny, explained that: “When it came to replacing our legacy system, we needed to ensure that the new platform was stable and robust… We now have a resilient back-end system that will support our ongoing growth.”

Implementing new software with Audacia increased the system’s reliability and flexibility to aid Techbuyer’s global growth for years to come. To find out more about the partnership, watch the Techbuyer case study video below.

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