Component Upgrades

Improve the performance of your IT hardware with component level upgrades

Upgrading your computer, laptop, gaming setup or server is a great way to boost device performance without replacing entire machines. This saves you money whilst still making sure that you get a high quality and high performance IT solution in the process. At Techbuyer we offer device upgrades on a component level to enhance your system's performance without replacing the entire unit or scrapping the device altogether.

If you have any questions about how, what or why to upgrade your device, get in touch with our experienced team who will listen to your needs and offer expert advice.

Why choose component upgrades?

Environmentally friendly

Extending the life of your products reduces the amount of e-waste going to landfill

Cost effective

Component level upgrades in most cases are more economical than buying new

Increased performance

Improve the performance of your existing IT hardware by upgrading components

Desktop Upgrades

With your desktop, you may look to replace or upgrade your peripherals: your keyboard, mouse, headphones, monitors, etc. However, the biggest, and best, upgrades you can make to your PC are often those that impact its performance rather than look and feel. Upgrading the CPU, memory, hard drive and graphics will have a huge impact on the speed and overall performance of your PC, often resulting in a device that performs as well as, or even better than, new!

Browse our desktop upgrade components, ranging from high speed 16GB memory to sound cards and monitor stands.

Gaming Upgrades

CPU, graphics card and memory are essential aspects of gaming rigs to help your device run smoothly with large and often very detailed software. Upgrading these three features is a great way to get the most out of your gaming setup and keep it performing as newer, more advanced games are released. Upgrading your gaming setup can result in a PC that is not only more powerful than your original device but also outperforms your device when it was bought as new.

We can also build custom gaming rigs on request to create a unique device that fits in with your needs exactly. For examples on the sort of devices we put together, head over to our gaming page.

Laptop Upgrades

Upgrading your laptop is a great way to improve your device performance and efficiency. With laptops, the key upgrades to consider are the memory, usually SO-DIMM and RAM, as well as hard drives. Browse our full selection of laptop components to see what we can offer for your laptop upgrade.

Laptop upgrades result in enhanced speed and performance of your device and extend the lifespan of your technology dramatically, saving you money and effort.

Server Components

Servers offer extensive upgrade opportunities to improve your device performance or grow your IT system's capabilities to match your growing business. Most components of a server can be upgraded and each upgrade will improve the running of your device, however, processors, memory, storage, and power tend to be the most popular and effective upgrades.

We stock all major brands of processors and generation compatible CPUs to offer you a wide selection of options when it comes to upgrading your device. The processor is the main energy user in a server and provides the majority of the performance for most applications. This means that upgrading this component is a fantastic way to boost server performance. You can see our full range of processors here.

Server Memory is a critical component and different types have different compatibility with generations of servers. With this in mind, it is important to choose the right speeds, type and rank for your requirements, as well as your server. Browse our server memory range here.

Server storage is one of the components that can be easiest to add and benefit from. Browse our full server storage range here and choose from a massive selection with capacities from 30GB to 18TB, as well as varying speeds, types and sizes.

Choosing the correct server components for your requirements, as well as for your server, is essential, Our experienced team are on hand to offer advice and recommendations for your upgrade.

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